Tears For Heroshima, Canvas size 60*70 inches Multimedia Installation, kassel, 1997

Mural on Environment, Outer wall of Lady Irwin School, Canning Lane, Delhi 2000, Collaboration: With Sonke Nissen of Hamburg(Non-Commercial).

Budha Mural on the outer wall of Vankalappa Art Gallery, Done for the Roerich Centenari, Banglore 2004(Non-Commercial).

Distance view of Banglore Mural

Time 50*50 ft, Mural in Hamburg, Germany, 2000 Wall by Arpana Caur and Sonke Nissen

Executing Hamburg Mural

Mural on Environment, Outer wall of Karteevaram Stadium Banglore,2004(Non-Commercial).

Painting is Not Dead' with long table, canvas, drips, Syringes, colour blobs, and little figures of Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and Netaji in 3 syringes Chennai-March 13 Solo.

Do Gaj Zameen

Mural on Tiles Outerwall of SAARC Secretariat 120*192 inches Kathmandu 2009